About X4zol™-J Fiber

X4zol-J fiber, a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), is a relatively new elastomeric monofilament that is manufactured differently from elastane, resulting in unique qualities that provide comfort above and beyond traditional stretch fibers. X4zol-J fiber is produced through a process of melt extrusion, which does not require the use of solvents. The melt extrusion process is cleaner; resulting in a finer and stronger monofilament than traditional spandex, exhibiting a superior stretch.

Spandex vs. X4zol-J Fiber

Most spandex fibers exhibit a steeper stress/strain curve, illustrating low initial resistance to stretch, or elongation; and then a rapid increase in resistance to the point of full elongation, or breakage (see spandex weft curve in chart).

The stress/strain curve of the X4zol-J fiber illustrates a softer, more consistent stretch up to the point of full elongation—tracing a J-shape that translates into comfortable compression for the wearer (see X4zol-J weft curve in chart.)


Benefits of X4zol-J™ Fiber in Fabrics

  • Thinner and lighter, yet stronger and more durable
  • Comfortable compression
  • Breathable and cooling touch
  • Balanced compression for enhanced fit
  • Balanced 360° compression for enhanced fit
  • Engineered moisture movement throughout fabric


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